Women’s Financial Inclusion Toolkit – Paving the way for women’s economic empowerment

Financial inclusion is a catalyst towards growth and opportunity. It is therefore not surprising that it features as a target in eight of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals. It is associated with reducing poverty, increasing resilience, and improving economic growth, innovation, and family well-being. Beyond supporting these overarching goals, women’s financial inclusion crucially also contributes to women’s economic empowerment and gender equality. ​The purpose of this toolkit is to help practitioners working in developing countries advance women’s financial inclusion and navigate the existing barriers.

The toolkit first provides you with an overview of women’s financial inclusion, its importance and benefits. Delving into project scoping, design, implementation, and measurement, it gathers tools, guidance, and project ideas. Lastly, it contains seven detailed case studies from various countries with different challenges, target groups, and activities. ​

The toolkit builds on a large community of institutions, donors, and individuals working to enhance women’s financial inclusion. The experience and resources gathered within it are, in turn, meant for you to lean on and leverage in your own project implementation. It is conceived as a living document, to be updated regularly as the learnings and figures on women’s financial inclusion progress. Hopefully, it inspires and aids you in contributing to this progress.

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