Glossary of key terms and concepts for gender, as it relates to Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance

This document aims to provide clear definitions for commonly used terms and key concepts related to the intersection of gender and climate and disaster risk finance and insurance (CDRFI). It was jointly developed by members of the InsuResilience Gender Working Group.  

The list of terms and concepts draws from the foundational documents of the Partnership, including the Pro-Poor Principles the Vision 2025, and the Declaration on Gender, as well as other studies that were relevant in shaping activities of the Partnership.  

The document builds on the Glossary on the InsuResilience Website, which contains a longer, more general list of definitions and concepts of CDRFI used within the InsuResilience Global Partnership. 

While not explicit in this document, it is important to acknowledge that equality will only be achieved by taking an intersectional perspective that includes consideration of gender as well as disability, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, level of income, class and all other characteristics of people that may result in structural discrimination and increased vulnerability to climate and disaster risk. Further, we acknowledge that this is not an exhaustive list of gender-related terms but is an initial starting point for those interested specifically in gender and CDRFI as per the InsuResilience mandate. Thus, as the nexus between the intricacies of gender and CDRFI is further explored with commissioned publications, the definitions will evolve.  

Type of Publication
Working Paper & Policy Brief
Climate & Disaster Risk Reduction/Management, Financial Inclusion
InsuResilience Global Partnership Gender Working Group