The Centre of Excellence for Gender-smart Solutions shares opportunities on relevant capacity building efforts that aim to raise awareness on the value and good practice approaches of gender equality, such as leadership training and scholarship opportunities among others.

(Closed) Scholarship Opportunity by A2ii and the InsuResilience Global Partnership

InsuResilience Global Partnership /A2ii /Womens World Banking




Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii) together with the InsuResilience Global Partnership, through its Centre of Excellence on Gender-smart Solutions,are once again jointly sponsoring the participation of an insurance supervisor and a high-potential woman in the Leadership and Diversity Program for Regulators. The program is taught by Women’s World Banking and Faculty from Oxford University’s Saïd Business School and implemented together with the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI). It is intended to support insurance supervisors and regulators in developing policies that close the gender gap in inclusive insurance and in developing women’s leadership capacity in regulatory organizations.  


Description of the training

The virtual, 12-week global leadership program brings together senior officials (male/female/nonbinary) from central banks and other regulatory agencies and high-potential women (mid-level professional) from their respective institutions.  

The participating regulator will nominate a team of a senior official and a high-potential woman official from the agency. During the program, the senior official identifies a policy initiative to sponsor at their institution related to serving the women’s market and works with their high-potential woman leader to implement it while supporting her professional development during and after the program. 

The program involves a series of interactive live online sessions, individual and group assignments, peer action learning as well as expert consultation and coaching opportunities. Each senior official identifies a policy initiative to advance women’s financial inclusion and selects a high-potential woman leader from their institution with whom to partner in designing and implementing this initiative. The senior official invests in the woman leader’s professional growth through career mentorship and sponsorship. Senior officials will receive 4 executive coaching sessions. 

The scholarship is particularly tailored for professionals that intend to develop policy initiatives focusing on Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance solutions (e.g., agricultural insurance, risk transfer solutions for the most vulnerable, and similar) against the backdrop of increasing risk of climate change impacts in developing countries. 

The virtual program begins May 2, 2022. The details on the course are accessible here.
Please note that the program is in English.  


What will participants gain?

  • Leadership Skills: Learn core skills such as change management, influence, emotional intelligence, and unconscious bias.  Women’s Financial Inclusion Knowledge: Understand global challenges and best practices in gender-inclusive policy design and implementation. A Global Network: Engage in an action learning methodology that leverages peer-to-peer learning and support..


Eligibility criteria

  • SENIOR OFFICIAL (male/female/nonbinary) 
    • Senior officials from central banks and other regulatory agencies in emerging markets  
    • Part of executive/senior management team or leads a regulatory division  


    • Mid-level professional, 5-10 years of experience  
    • Exhibits skills and capability to be promoted to the next level of leadership or broaden their role significantly 
    • Has demonstrated the ability to lead people in the organization 
    • Motivated to take on new leadership challenges and opportunities 
    • People managers preferred but not required 


    Commitment to:  

    • Advancing an inclusive policy initiative 
    • Cultivating and fostering an active sponsorship relationship 
    • Actively participating in online and peer learning sessions 
    • Exhibiting proficiency in written and spoken English


Key requirements for obtaining the scholarship:

  • The applicant insurance regulators need to nominate up to one to two Senior Officials (male/female/non-binary, e.g., directors, deputy directors, senior regulators) and one to two highpotential women leaders from their Organisation.  
  • Preference would be provided to countries from the Vulnerable 20 (V20) Group. 
  • Commitment to the development of a policy for inclusive insurance which either directly focuses on addressing gender gaps related to climate change and risk management or contributes to the development of an enabling environment for gender-equitable insurance, which could indirectly support climate change and risk management projects. 
  • Ability to commit to a 12-week long program with multiple virtual touch points.  
  • Willingness to engage and contribute to the InsuResilience Global Partnership and A2ii Annual Report on progress including overall feedback on participation of the course.


What the sponsorship covers:

The joint A2ii-InsuResilience Global Partnership scholarship will cover the program fee (up to $7000) for the duration of the Leadership Program, including tuition and one-on-one advisory support for two participants per institution (senior official and high-potential woman leader). 

In addition, there may be opportunity to access customised, one-on-one coaching for policy implementation after the successful completion of the program.



If you are interested in the scholarship opportunity, please send an email to jana.siebeneck[at]insuresilience.org and manoj.pandey[at]a2ii.org with the subject line: “Scholarship: Leadership and Diversity Program for Regulators” and we will provide you with further information. Please contact us before March 22, 2022.


About the InsuResilience Global Partnership and the InsuResilience Centre of Excellence on Gender-smart Solutions

The InsuResilience Global Partnership (IGP), working through a grand coalition of multi-stakeholder actors, has the vision to promote the scale-up of pre-arranged, predictable financing for early action, relief and recovery in the face of climate and disaster risks. It brings together G20 and V20 countries, as well as civil society, international organisations, the private sector, and academia. 

Recognising that climate-related disasters impact different social groups and genders in different ways, IGP established the Centre of Excellence on Gender-smart Solutions (CoE). As the first global platform of its kind, the CoE is a key step towards identifying gender-equitable disaster risk management strategies, and guiding practitioners on innovative solutions to transform the CDRFI sector towards being more gender informed and leading the way on greater gender equality. 

As part of this work, we are seeking applications with policy ideas addressing gender gaps related to climate change and risk management or enabling an inclusive environment for such policies.


About the Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii)

A2ii is a unique global partnership working to ensure that the world’s excluded and underserved have access to insurance by supporting insurance supervisors and regulators to create the conditions necessary for an inclusive insurance market to grow. As the implementation arm of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) on Inclusive Insurance, the initiative generates and disseminates knowledge, builds capacity, contributes to IAIS standard-setting. A2ii fosters learning and dialogue, supports implementation at the regional and national levels, and participates in global advocacy processes. 

A2ii and the InsuResilience Global Partnership would like to thank the Climate Finance Division in Global Affairs Canada, the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), and the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) for their support in making these scholarships possible.

More information 

Leadership and Diversity Program for Regulators | Women’s World Banking (womensworldbanking.org) 

Introduction to Gender and Disaster Risk Management (e-learning course)

World Bank Open Learning Campus



An e-learning course to help you understand how your disaster risk management (DRM) projects can equally benefit women and men by addressing: – The concept of gender, and how gender roles can affect women and men’s risk and resilience to natural hazards; – How women and men manage, respond and experience disasters differently due to gender roles and gender inequalities; – How these differences should be addressed in DRM projects to ensure that women and men benefit equally from them; – Approaches to better design projects to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment and; – Case studies that show how gender equality and women’s empowerment look in practice.

More Information

UNFPA Safeguard Young People Programme: Climate HackLab 2021 Campaign for East and Southern Africa


United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

Innovation competition



31 July 2021


On the 17th May 2021, UNFPA East and Southern Africa, under the auspices of the Safeguard Young People Programme launched the ‘Climate HackLab’ project, which aims to empower young people and offer them the opportunity to be game changers and drivers of a sustainable green future.

Through the UNFPA Climate HackLab project, young people are expected to come up with smart innovations that will help build resilience during times of adverse climate events in their communities.

This exciting innovation project seeks to solicit proposal submissions addressing the impact of climate change on women, girls and young people in the following areas:

  1. Any idea or innovative solution that supports the empowerment and/or adaptive capacity of women, girls, young people or marginalized groups in hotspot areas affected by climate change.
  2. Any idea or innovative solution that promotes the involvement of young people, women, and marginalized groups in programme design to help in the delivery of sexual and reproductive health and rights issues in climate change-affected areas.
  3. Any idea or innovative solution that promotes access to health services, including sexual and reproductive health services.
  4. Any idea or innovation that promotes the protection of women, girls, and young people from harmful practices such as child marriage, early marriage, and gender-based violence.
  5. Any idea or innovation that promotes protection systems to prevent and minimize acts of violence, such as sexual exploitation and gender-based violence in emergency settings.
  6. Any idea or innovation tools that promote knowledge of sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender and climate change issues.
  7. Any idea or innovation tools that promote the achievement of the programme areas of work as stated in the UNFPA climate change value proposition.
  8. Any idea or innovation that promotes access to sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender, and climate change information in hotspot areas (humanitarian settings, flooding, or any other early warning system/tools).

Each of the identified innovation solutions must, as far as possible, have a common identity that includes:

  1. Supporting communities or systems resilience;
  2. Being led by women and/or girls and/or youth and/or marginalized groups;
  3. Creating jobs for youth and women;
  4. Being commercially viable;
  5. Being scalable and adaptable to different country and community contexts.

Two winners will emerge from the challenge. Each winner will receive $10000 in seed money and business  support services. The two winners will be matched with a business incubation/acceleration partner to support the business growth.


More information: https://esaro.unfpa.org/en/news/young-people-game-changers-sustainable-green-future


(closed) Human Impacts Institute: Nominate a Climate sHero (award)


Human Impacts Institute







The Human Impacts Institute, together with the Tenure Facility and the Ford Foundation, want your help in amplifying the stories of frontline indigenous and local communities, with a particular focus on womxn and youth, from the global south who can inspire a ‘new normal’, championing resilience and equality in the face of the climate crisis.  

Our ”Climate Crossroads” series will showcase how traditional knowledge can help us redefine how we interpret our relationship with nature and each other, through freshly commissioned works of art. Ten leaders will be selected to highlight what we can learn about resilience, cooperation and interconnectedness as we move towards a post-pandemic world, and their stories will be turned into powerful and moving works of sound and animation.

Selected participants will receive :

  • Recognition internationally as a community and climate leader

  • Your knowledge, story, and initiatives represented in a multi-city, virtual platform

  • Access to a network of diverse climate leaders

  • One-of-a-kind digital illustration of yourself by an Indigenous artist

  • Inclusion of your story in physical and virtual exhibits around the world

  • Honorarium of USD$400 upon completion of the project

More Information

(closed) UN Global Climate Actions Awards 2021 (award)

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change




Applications close 30th April 2021

Organizations, businesses, universities, governments and others taking bold leadership on climate change can nominate their work for a special 10th anniversary edition of the UN Global Climate Action Awards.

The annual award programme, run by United Nations Climate Change since 2011, recognizes the world’s most innovative, scalable and replicable examples of action to tackle climate change.

This year’s award will showcase people and projects taking bold and effective climate action in the areas of climate neutrality, innovative climate finance and climate leadership. You may notice that there is no Women for Results pillar, this is because gender considerations and women’s leadership will be a cross-cutting criteria for all three pillars.

More Information